Bus Crash in Baltimore Takes 6 Lives and Injures 10

bus accident lawyer

bus accident lawyer

A catastrophic accident in Baltimore involving a school bus, commuter bus, and a car, resulted in the death of 6 and injury of 10 more on November 1st. The driver of the school bus, Glenn R. Chappell, died while the only other passenger sustained minor injuries. The transit bus held 5 deaths and 10 injuries that ranged from minor to critical. The driver of the third vehicle involved, a Ford Mustang, was left with only minor injuries.

The school bus was on its daily route to pick up students when it collided with the Mustang, hit an entrance to a cemetery, and veered into the Maryland Transit Administration bus. The impact from the school bus left the MTA mangled.

The MTA was slammed on the driver’s area, tearing its sheet metal roof, and ending with its front-end buried toward the back.

Baltimore Police spokesman T.J Smith stated, “It literally looks like a bomb exploded in the bus. It’s catastrophic damage.”

The driver of the Mustang, Shawn Braxton, said that he was driving to work when the bus hit his car. He was assisted by bystanders and surrounding motorists who helped him exit his wrecked car. Although his physical injuries were minor, he says he is struggling emotionally.

In such an accident where victims die, it can be extremely difficult for survivors to move forward. The pain and suffering can lead to months, or even years, of mental anguish.

Other surviving passengers were taken to local hospitals to assess their injuries. One survivor was in critical condition, one serious, and the remaining eight were considered minor. Several of the injured were taken to the University of Maryland Medical Center’s shock trauma unit. It was reported that some survivors suffered injuries to their faces and spines.

The school bus served 18 elementary students and was contracted from Baltimore based AA Affordable Transportation, according to the city’s public school system. The company did not have any violations or other crashes reported in the past two years. The last reported accident, according to Federal records, showed an AA Affordable school bus crash that injured at least 13 people when it collided with a minivan.

Investigation reports, which were recently released on November 3rd, show that the school bus driver should not have been behind the wheel in the first place. According to state records, he had failed to turn in required medical paperwork needed to keep his CDL. His one-year medical record certification expired on August 31st and the agency, Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, did not receive an updated one, which is required by federal law.

According to spokesman Chuck Brown of the MMVA, Chappelle was sent two letters stating that he was no longer authorized to operate a commercial vehicle. Brown stated that the first letter went out on July 17th and the last one on September 8th.

It can take weeks of investigation to determine whether Chappell suffered a medical emergency.

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