Uptick in Fatal Occupational Injuries Reported by the U.S. Dept. of Labor

The U.S. Department of Labor released a report in December 2016 on occupational fatalities from 2015. The Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries CFOI revealed some startling news – especially for truck drivers. The data uncovered the dangers of the commercial trucking industry:

“Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers recorded 745 fatal injuries, the most of any occupation.”

Additional key findings included:

  • An annual total of 4,836 fatal workplace injuries, which was the highest number reported since 2008.
  • Hispanic/Latino workers accounted for 903 of fatalities, the most since 2007.
  • Workers at the age of 65 and older totalled 605 fatal injuries, a decrease from the 2014 figure, but still the second-largest number since the reporting began in 1992.
  • Roadway incident fatalities were up from their 2014 totals and accounted for over 25% of fatal occupational injuries in 2015.
  • Fatal work injuries in the private construction industry totalled 937. This is the highest number of cases since 2008.
  • Fatal injuries in the private oil and gas industries were 38% lower in 2015 in comparison to the previous year.
  • 17% of victims of fatal injuries were contracted laborers.

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Worker Characteristics

Fatal injuries involving Hispanic or Latino workers rose by 12% from the previous year, but could be accounted for by the growth of Latino and Hispanic workers as full-time employees, which was the highest rate for any racial/ethnic groups taken into consideration.

The number of fatally-injured Mexican-born workers rose 22% in 2015 to a total of 415 cases, up 75 from 2014. Sadly, fatal injuries involving foreign-born workers were at their highest levels since 2007.

The report also revealed the shocking discovery that workers 45 years and older accounted for nearly 60% of workplace fatalities, but only contributed to 45% of total hours worked, emphasising their over-representation in occupational deaths.

Fatal injuries were reported as generally lower among younger workers aged 25-34 years old and higher among older workers aged 65 years and older. Additionally, while women accounted for 43% of hours worked in 2015, they only made up 7% of those fatally injured.

Self-employed workers suffered an abysmal fatal injury rate that was 4 times higher than the rate for wage and salary workers.

Types of Incidents and Occupation

Transportation incidents were the leading cause of fatal work injuries in 2015.

Up 9%, and totalling 1,264 fatalities, roadway incidents accounted for 26% of all fatal work injuries. Nearly half of these fatalities (629) involved a semi, tractor-trailer, or tanker truck.

Fatalities by falls accounted for nearly 40% of fatal work injuries in the private construction industry in 2015. Additionally, workplace deaths caused by being struck by an object or equipment totalled 519.   

The nonmedical use of drugs or alcohol that led to fatalities increased 45% in comparison to 2014.

Fatal injuries among construction and extraction occupations rose to their highest levels since 2008, with several construction occupations recording their highest total in years, including construction laborers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters.

While transportation and material moving occupations saw lower numbers than 2014 rates, they still accounted for over one-fourth of all fatalities.

Increased rates occurred in farming, fishing, and forestry occupations, among agricultural workers, and grounds cleaning and maintenance workers – who saw rates 4 times higher than the national rate.

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