What You Don’t Know About Wrongful Death Claims Can Hurt Your Case

After the loss of a loved one, it’s understandable that the emotions of the event can leave you distracted and fatigued. In the case of wrongful deaths, all types of unscrupulous law firms will likely step out of the woodwork and attempt to serve their own needs, rather than truly honor the moral code of legal representation.

That’s exactly why the Garcia Law Group, PLLC is different. Our integrity means our attorneys are committed to you and committed to justice. We also realize that money will never make up for a loss one, but we want to make sure your family doesn’t have to suffer any more, especially financially, because of somebody else’s negligence.

What’s important to recognize, is that insurance firms usually want to limit the amount of compensation you receive when submitting a wrongful death claim. They’ll shove documents your way immediately after your loss to simply get you to make a mistake on a form that could mean the loss of thousands of dollars – or even the right to seek justice in a wrongful death action. Everyone will want you to sign on the dotted line, but be wary of ulterior motives.

What You Should and Should Not Do After a Wrongful Death Claim

Sadly, any number of people may try to take advantage of grieving families to rush them into making a quick decision that can be detrimental to their legal success. Bare in mind, usually the harder a company and insurer pushes, the more likely it is that they share fault in the accident.

Make sure to take into consideration the following procedures to help ensure fair compensation in your wrongful death case:

File for life insurance benefits immediately.

If the next of kin (wife, family, child, or executor of the deceased’s estate) fails to file a wrongful death claim in a timely manner, insurers may deceitfully delay, or even deny, the claim. What you’ll want to do is locate your loved one’s life insurance policy, as well as a copy of the deceased’s death certificate, and file the claim as quickly as possible. Understandably, having to deal with the passing of loved one is painful and can be a major hindrance with moving forward with such a claim. However, it’s important to remain vigilant in this case and commence the process as soon as possible so that you are not denied your legal rights.

Have the accident investigated

If there were no family members present at the time of your loved one’s death, you’ll want to acquire the skills of a law firm, like the Garcia Law Group, that utilizes investigators to help reconstruct accidents and who can perform a thorough analysis of witness testimonies. Investigators can help to gather expert, physical, and medical evidence, and review police reports to help uncover the truth, because many times, though the death is referred to as an accident, they rarely occur without someone else’s negligence. Responsible parties can range from a truck driver, to your loved one’s employer, or even a local government agency that did not provide proper protection to the deceased.

Don’t just accept any settlement.

Be exceedingly wary of accepting any money from the party at fault, as this prevents you from filing a lawsuit for additional compensation. Sometimes when an accident happens at work, in traffic, or other such public area, you may be contacted by the owner or insurance adjuster and offered a quick settlement. If this happens, immediately contact a law firm to help guide you through the matter at hand. Know your rights and don’t allow the party at fault to bully you into a quick settlement.

Check all other benefits.

Unfortunately, many people are not aware of additional benefits that are covered by insurance, meaning there’s the potential for them to lose out on hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars. Our qualified wrongful death attorneys can help you to understand what additional benefits you may be eligible to receive. For instance, workers’ compensation provides burial costs and future income payments to families of workers who die while working.

Don’t sign anything yet!

On top of the overwhelming emotions you may be feeling because of the loss of a loved one, you’ll also be inundated with documents from various parties who are looking for you to sign their forms. While you will have to sign some legal documents in order to effectively receive death benefits and settle specific affairs, you’ll want to be careful with what you are placing your name on, so as NOT to lose the right to sue. If you’re not too confident on what it is that you should be signing, have our attorneys at the Garcia Law Group, PLLC look over it first.

Get the right team on your side!

We know that right now you and your family are going through a tumultuous time trying to make sense of everything, including having to deal with the legal and financial matters of losing a loved one. But our experienced lawyers can help.

By contacting the Garcia Law Group, PLLC , you’ll be able to better understand the circumstances of your situation and receive valuable professional advice about your case.

If you’re searching for a firm that’s not intimidated by any case, then look no further than the Garcia Law Group, PLLC.