Workplace Accidents and Wrongful Deaths


A report issued earlier this year by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration noted that there were 10,388 severe workplace injuries in 2015 with nearly 8,000 requiring hospitalization and nearly 3,000 amputations – there were even reports of employees losing their eyes. The research also estimated that roughly 50% of all injuries were not reported.

While the report only included 26 states that provided higher safety standards that federal mandates, the fact remains that 30 severe work related injuries occur each day in this country.

While federal regulations have sought to improve the working conditions of the American worker, the evidence points to the fact that many U.S. worksites remain hazardous.

At the Garcia Law Group, we believe it is essential that those looking for legal support because of a job related accident, recognize the top causes of these injuries. If you are unsure if your situation merits legal compensation , then consider the following list of top 10 catastrophic work related injuries as reported to insurance companies around the country:

  1. Construction Injuries

The U.S. Bureau of Labor’s list this as the most common workplace injury because workers in this environment often deal with hazardous material or dangerous equipment. Serious injuries in a construction environment can include amputation of limbs, appendages, or even wrongful death.

  1. Machine Entanglement

These types of injuries usually occur in factory environments where heavy machinery with cogs and wheels are frequently used. Clothing, shoes, fingers, and hair can easily be caught in rotating motors and equipment causing major bodily injury such as loss of limb.

  1. Vehicle Accidents

As a large portion of businesses utilize drivers for their services, motor vehicle accidents can easily happen, and can lead to serious or fatal injury.

  1. Falling Objects

Heavy objects falling from elevated distances, or even accidently dropped by another individual, can cause serious head and neck injuries. A lack of proper protocol or safety equipment can mean injury.

  1. Accidently Falling from Heights

This sort of incident can easily occur to workers who tend to work on roofs, ladders, and stairways. Individuals may temporarily become disoriented at that height and slip and fall. They can also occur because of faulty equipment such as an elevating work platform.

  1. Walking into Objects

While avoiding walking into an object may seem like common sense, the truth is that working in construction or warehouse environments can lead to running into walls, glass, tables, or machinery because of improper safety protocols. Objects may be dangerously left out in high pedestrian areas and this can lead to head, knee, neck, and foot injuries.

  1. Slip and Fall Accidents

Another frequently reported accident, slip and fall accidents can easily occur because of wet and slippery floors, or even random items that have been left out on the floor. Spills that are not promptly cleaned or debris left out in the open all represent danger. Back, neck, head, and leg injuries can easily occur in these circumstances.

  1. Equipment Failure

Equipment failure in a warehousing environment poses a potential risk for catastrophic injury to employees. For example, machinery failure, brake failure, stop controlling device failure, or failure in electronic devices and circuits, and other such large equipment failure can mean proper maintenance has not properly occurred, which can place workers in the way of harm. Injuries can include bruising, broken bones, spinal injuries, or injuries from impact to exterior objects.

  1. Electrocution or Explosion Accidents

These can often be deadly as strong electrical currents and explosions are basically impossible to predict, and once in the process, can very rarely be stopped. Faulty wiring, overloaded sockets, or poorly maintained equipment can all cause serious shock and electrocution.

Explosions and fires can occur in: chemical plants, construction, manufacturing plant, mining operations, and in the oil and gas industry. Chemicals in the air from a spark or open flame can quickly cause an explosion in the workplace, with injuries including acute burns, damage to ears and lungs, lacerations from flying debris, and head trauma.

While not as common as the previously mentioned workplace accidents, electrocution and explosions can be much more fatal.

  1. Workplace Violence

Unfortunately, on the job violent acts can be caused by office politics, personal arguments, disgruntled employees, or former employees. Noticeably, workplace violence is often intense and can include gun or knife attacks, which can cause significant personal injury.

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